Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pump House Improvements

Work has begun at the pump house with the removal of the old pumps, motors and control panel. These old pumps were one of the primary causes for the numerous failures to the PVC pipe and fittings.

The pumps discharged from the station at 150 PSI pushing a high volume of water up the hill to the first hole, from there the water was regulated with a series of pressure reducing valves down stream. The PRV’s (pressure reducing valves) were dealing with very high pressures that had to be lowered so that the pipe would not constantly blow out of the ground. This task was made more difficult due to the significant elevation changes (600ft) found over the golf course property.

The new pumps will be discharging from the station at only 50 PSI, which will make the pressure control down stream much easier. The new system will also have PRV valves located at every 100 foot of elevation change to properly manage pressures. Combine this with the use of HDPE piping, the system as a whole should have little or no problem with failures.

Removing Old Pumps

Empty Pump Skid