Sunday, December 7, 2008

Booster Station

The new booster station has been installed at the driving range. The booster station will feed a separate mainline that will supply the upper holes (#1,#2,#3 and the driving range) on the course.

This is referred to as the high pressure zone, while the lower holes on the course will rely on gravity to increase pressure as the water travels from hole to hole. The remaining fifteens holes will be in the low pressure zone due to the new reduced discharge pressure coming out of the main pump station. The upper holes now require a second pump station that boosts the pressure to 100PSI.

Combining these two pump stations I will now have at total flow of 2700 GPM, which will allow me to water the golf course in a much shorter time period. The old pump station setup only allowed me to pump 1750GPM.

The booster station will be concealed in a concrete vault that is located on the far eastern side of the driving range. The vault was built to specifications that would allow ample room to house the new pumps, electrical controls and also allowing for adequate air circulation.

The size of the vault is 17ft by 17ft with at depth of 10ft. This vault was shipped in three separate pieces due to the weight of the components. All three pieces have a combined weigh over 100 tons. Once the work has been completed in the vault, it will be backfilled and only the ventilation snorkels will be visible above the ground.

Digging the pit for the vault
Leveling the base for the vault
Picking up one of the vault pieces
Setting the vault floor
Core drilling a hole for the mainline pipe
Pump components
Side view of vault in the ground