Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Poa Annua Under Fire

 Over the years we have used many different products to try and control Poa Annua, each with varying degrees of success. 

Currently we are testing a newly labeled product called Xonerate for Poa Annua control.  We began our testing on several areas of the golf course including #11 first fairway, 1/2 of #11 green, North chipping and nursery greens and fairways.

After closely following the application protocols over the last six weeks visual disruption is taking place on some of the turf areas.  Most notably the first fairway on hole #11 is showing signs of both Poa Annua stress as well as some Bentgrass stress.  I am happy about the Poa being under stress, not so much with the Bent.  Most of the damage to the Bent is in the form of leaf tip burn and or stress.  The crown of the plant still looks healthly and active.  Over the next several weeks the plant should push out new leaf material and the visual disruption will recede.

It is exciting to see new products come to the market, but if they are not safe on the desired plant species then it really doesn't help my overall battle against Poa Annua.

To learn more about the product Xonerate Here