Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another One Is Done

As the wildlife activity increases another green has been shut down for the season.  The latest green to be closed is #6 which was one of the most heavily damaged ones last year.

The fencing has been put up and but unfortunately some minor damage has already occurred. That being said the entire green was dormant seeded and then covered with a heavy layer of sand to help insulate and protect the green throughout the winter.  The hoof marks appear to have only scraped away the turf leaving the crown of the plants in tact which should allow for a full recovery.  If not new seed is in place to help repair these areas come spring.

Additional greens will be closed as deemed by the wildlife traffic.  Eventually they will all be shut down by the 1st of December.

Close Up of Hoof Damage

Heavy Sand Topdressing


Jon said...

Hi Sean, just came across your blog and was really impressed with all the photography and the insight about golf course maintenance. I never realized all the work that goes into it, and being from a state like Colorado with varying weather and wildlife, it sure looks like you have your hands full. Looking forward to your posts come 2012!

Costa Rica Condos said...

Thanks for the nice post and hope so that the #6 will be upgraded soon..

Akabaka said...

To see all the photography and the insight aboutgolf club course maintenance
I really impressed.