Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Wonder You Can't Make Any Putts!!

We are now in mid season and golf rounds are quickly mounting and so is the wear and tear on the golf course.  In the month of June alone we had 4800 rounds and not all of them took the best of care of the golf course while playing.

The picture below shows the twelfth green and in the photo and each golf ball represents an unrepaired or improperly repaired ball mark. There are 165 balls on the green and there should have been more if not for the fact that I ran out of golf balls.

Over the years I have charted the number of unrepaired ballmarks per green and it has been at constantly at 10% of daily round played. In other words if we have 180 players in a day the next morning I can expect to find 18 unrepaired ballmarks.  This damage quickly adds up to some impressive numbers, on Twelve green alone the more than 165 ballmarks adds up to fourteen square feet of dead or damaged turf.  Do the math that's a rectangle with an area of 2' by 7' on this one green alone.

Take responsibility for your actions and fix your ballmarks and replace your divots.  Make the golf course more enjoyable for your fellow members. 


Don said...

2' X 7' of damaged turf! What a great way to quantify the damage.

Archie said...

Amen, Sean. I simply don't understand why a member (owner) would not repair pitch marks.