Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun With Software

Now that we have gotten into a rhythm with regular snowfalls, I can spend the majority of my time working out the kinks of our new irrigation software. We began testing the new Toro Lynx irrigation control system this past fall in an extremely limited basis and I liked what I saw.

We are a beta site for this new software and I am extremely excited to see where this control system is now and where it will be going in the future. Compared to SitePro this is what irrigation control software should be. The inter-phase is much more user friend and now there is a commonality between actions that are executed from screen to screen.

On a daily basis I am running and creating new real world scenarios that will occur when I am actually watering with the software in season. These daily dry runs are allowing me to better understand and make recommendations for improvements in the software.

To see more information about this great new Lynx software visit Here