Monday, November 8, 2010


You know its going to be a great day when the first thing you see on the golf course is this. Unfortunately last night was our final irrigation that would be run for the season and a deep soaking was done to the golf course. This was done in preparation for the irrigation system being blown out in efforts to saturate the soil profile one last time.

This made the course extremely soft and the Elk did an incredible amount of damage to this one hole. The worst part is the damage to the green which at this point in the season will not recover until next spring at best.  As usual my staff will be working hard to put these areas back together with ballmark repair tools and sand and seed mixtures.  

#11 First Fairway

#11 Second Fairway
#11 Green
Close Up Of #11 Green


David Phipps said...

I will never complain about another ball mark again. So sorry to see what happened.I hope the rest of your winter goes better.