Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ball Marks

It is the age old problem of unrepaired ball marks and what to do about. Recently at our last Green Committee Meeting we discussed  new ways to get people to fix their ball marks and I am convinced that nothing will help.

The only way the problem will get better is for people to take responsibility for themselves when they are playing.  Everyone  needs to understand that a tremendous amount of time and money is spent on maintaining the golf course for all the members to enjoy and show off to their guest.

The most frustrating thing for me to see is on our newly sodded greens how many ball marks go unrepaired.  We are starting off with a clean slate and to see the lack of  effort in caring for them is mind boggling. Perhaps the best way to think about it is, if your not going to fix it for yourself then do it for your fellow members.        


Anonymous said...

FYI- Tuesday afternoon May 4th as I got to the green at #12 (pin back left)I took a picture of the middle of the green where 14 unrepaired pitch marks were all within a 15 foot section, 25 feet from the pin! These were big deep pitchmarks. I believe some, or most, members are so focused or anxious about their upcoming chip or putt that they absolutely become clueless about how their ball got there in the first place.
I believe we need a mandatory etiquette seminar (instead of or in addition to the rules seminar)with field demonstrations of proper divot and pitch mark repair. Which is worse an unrepaired pitch mark or one where the golfer digs up the roots and dirt and taps down a big brown splotch guaranteed to never restore properly? These comments are from a golfer who plays a majority of my rounds in the afternoon...I always joke to my playing partners...fix your pitch mark and eleven others...