Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dormant Seeding

Now is a great time to begin addressing some of our native grass areas throughout the golf course.

The original native seed mix contained a nurse crop of Bluegrass that in many areas has taken over due to irrigation overthrow. With the new irrigation system being designed with hard line irrigation edges, we now have an opportunity to reclaim some of these overgrown areas.

We will begin going hole by hole and reintroduce a true native mixture into many areas that are both in play and in view. Other areas of focus will be any areas in which a full recovery from the irrigation installation has not yet occurred. It is my hope that we can once again have the contrasting colors of green maintained turf and brown flowing native grasses.

Dormant seeding will best take advantage of the upcoming seasonal moisture to help with germination and establishment. These areas will be solely reliant on mother nature providing the moisture from now on, which will shift the pendulum in the favor of the desired native grass species.