Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On Schedule

As the days pass by we are continuing to stay on track and on schedule with the work we are doing. Each day has provided us with a different set of challenges of which the staff has responded well each time. Without our staff being as dedicated as they have been and willing to put in the hours the project would not be where it is now.

After today we have 11 of the 18 greens with their final float on them before being fumigated next week. In addition to that today we have started the process of solid tine aerifing the approaches to help prepare them for Methyl Bromide.  

Nine green continues to move along at a slow and steady pace. tomorrow we should have the drainage installed in the green cavity along with the gravel layer being spread. After that rootzone will be spread and floating can begin. Once those items occur, my staff will reinstall the irrigation around the green complex.